Hi there! I’m Gary! Welcome to my website!

I do research as a computer scientist in Trinity College Dublin and am gradually (very gradually) working my way towards earning a PhD. I’ve set up Peculiar Parity as a place where I can show off a few of my side projects and publish any tutorials or articles which I think people may find useful.

The website also doubles as a place where I can talk about my research for my PhD. I’m not really used to the whole blogging thing yet, so that tab is a peculiar mess at the moment, but I’ll get the hang of it eventually. This site is seemingly under permanent construction, so I’ll apologise in advance if the layout seems a bit weird, but I’m working my way towards something a bit better.

Places to Start

Like I said, structure and layout isn’t really a strong point for me (just look at the state of my desk), so I totally get it if you’re not too sure where to go from here. You can check out some links to my publications, software projects, tutorials or music should you so wish. If you don’t really want to go browsing, then here are some things I’m pretty happy to have on my site. You should definitely check at least one of them out!


trumpTrumpBot was developed with the dual purpose of satirizing Donald Trump whilst also providing a simple educational exercise in language modelling. TrumpBot uses the trivially simple Trigram Language Model to generate Trump-like statements for your amusement. The bot was trained on a small corpus of about 5 speeches and seems to have served its purpose as various people appear to appreciate my humour on Reddit and elsewhere. Feel free to comment with any interesting statements it throws at you. Just hit the button and see what he says. I won’t be held accountable if he starts being racist though…

Mad World

guitarI make absolutely no claims to any musical greatness, but I really, really love music. I’ve been a huge Tom Waits fan since I was about 14 years old. He’s the whole reason why I developed an interest in music and is, without a doubt, my greatest hero. I still haven’t done a Tom Waits cover that I’m happy with, but this version of Tears for Fear’s Mad World based on the arrangement by Ulli Boegershausen turned out pretty well. Feel free to have a listen and send me any feedback. I’m more than happy to hear what you think!

Visualizing H.P. Lovecraft

lovecraftOne aspect of my research involves looking at different ways that we can visualize text in cultural heritage archives. As a trivial demonstration for some students, I generated a word cloud showing the most significant words in the H.P. Lovecraft story “Out of Aeons”. From this we could see what the core elements of the story were. I used TF-IDF weighting to establish a sense of the importance of a word in the document. This post is a short tutorial on how I generated the cloud and provides an introduction to Andreas Mueller’s word cloud package in Python.